Lindsay Lohan may have had some tough years and been dubbed as the magnet of law related troubles but it seems that things may soon change for her.  After the infamous Playboy shoots, she is now considering stepping in the Big Brother House which saw the participation of Jedward Brothers and celebrity Tara Reid last year.

In Lohan’s case, things are a bit different since she is not allowed to leave the country pending some court appearances which are due for the coming months, including community service which she is supposed to serve in one of her cases. 

One source said that the actress will be a perfect fit for the reality TV show given her unique character which will undoubtedly lead to clashes with the other celebrities present in the house.  The 25 year old Mean Girls star will have to fly over the Atlantic if she agrees to participate to the show and will require the court’s permission.  Producers of the show are trying to persuade the court to allow the actress to leave the country on the grounds that there is no better place than the Big Brother house to keep a watch on Lohan and control her erratic behavior. 

Shooting of background footage of her preparation has already started and the only thing pending is the court’s permission.

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