Celebrity Big Brother 2011 Celebrity Big Brother 2011

Celebrity Big Brother hasn’t even finished yet – but details about housemates for the new Big Brother series have been revealed.

Seven men and seven women, all under 30, will enter the house tomorrow night as Channel 5 dispenses with the celebs and moves in some real people.

And here are some more clues about the new tenants…

1. Female from Bromley. She likes to climb trees and walk round naked in heels. She can also do the limbo so well that her head touches the ground.

2. Male from north London, Enfield. He is a therapy student, single and would like to find a soulmate in the house. He can also fit his whole fist in his mouth.

3. Male, 22, from Cheshire and is an entrepreneur. He considers himself upper class and 150% Conservative. He has no sense of smell and has yet to meet someone with bigger hands.

4. Female, 25, from Manchester. She hates talking about shopping and handbags and only takes 10 minutes to get ready.
5. Male, 23, from Peckham who runs a record label and he used to model for Baby Gap. He also claims to have pulled Pixie Lott five years ago.

6. Female, 18, from South Shields who is obsessed with the colour pink and claims to have a gay Chihuahua. She is convinced she is going to marry Dappy from N-Dubz.

7. Female from London who is a model and holistic healer. She claims to be a “different species” and “certainly not human”.

8. Male, 20, from Solihull, Midlands. He says fat people make him angry and he make himself cry by singing sad songs at the mirror.

9. A female club hostess from Wirral who has a walk in wardrobe worth hundreds of thousands.

10. Male, 28, from Windsor. He loves animals and gave a frog mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate it.

11. Female, 19, from Tamworth. She is a keen wrestler and goes to the gym twice a day, eating six to seven times a day. Spends all her money on food and protein.

12. Male, 27, from Newcastle that works out six days a week, but regularly parties till 8am. His mum is his best friend.

13. Female, 21, from Oxford. She speaks five languages and can “shake her bum until it is a blur”.

14. Male, 30, from Weston Super-Mare. He cries every time he has a hair cut.

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